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Hafsa Quran Society

“Recite and rise up, and be increased in reward with every Ayah.”

The mission of the Sayyida Hafsa Quran Society is to inspire and facilitate the written, recitation and memorization of the entire Holy Quran for all women with a focus on Black Muslim women.

Our goal is to create a supportive community of like-minded women who work together in peer-to-peer cohorts and virtual gatherings, implementing a regimented program that guides, motivates, and enables them to complete the recitation and/or memorization of the Quran with proper tajwid within a five years period. HQS is a women’s program with the non-profit organization Measured Tones Institute of Quran.

Our Services

At Hafsa Quran Society, we offer the following services to equip female students with the tools to recite the Noble Qur’an in Arabic with fluency, rhythm, and application of basic tajweed rules in the Hafs readying style. Our classes are for ALL women regardless of background. Become women of Quran for Allah’ says, “When the āyāṭ of the Most Merciful were recited before them, they used to fall down in prostration, weeping” (19:58)

Devoted Student Pathways

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Tutoring Packages

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Monthly Halaqas

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Our Founders and Teachers…

The Sayyida Hafsa Quran Society was founded in 2020 by Zahira Rahim, Majidah Owuo Hagood, Halima Nalo Afi, and Hafidha Amatullah Saafir. Duas for acceptance with sincerity.  

Our current Quran teachers:

  • Ustadha Kiashe Pugh – Applied Tafsir and Guest lecturer.
  • Hafidha Jameela Rahmani – Expert Tutor, Tilawa, & Tahfiz Pathways.
  • Hafidha Sakeena Abdushshakur – Expert Tutor, Tilawa, & Tahfiz Pathways.
  • Hafidha Amatullah Saafir – Tahfiz Pathway and guest lecturer.
  • Ustadha Swiyya Haqq – Expert Tutor – Ijazah with 10 Qira’at track (Ijaza Authorized w/sanad).
  • Ustadha Halima Nalo Afi – Expert Tutor, Tilawa & Tahfiz Pathways (Ijaza Hafs Authorized w/sanad).
  • Ustadha Majidah Owuo Hagood – Expert Tutor, Tilawa, & Tahfiz Pathways.
  • Ustadha Maryum Abdul-Hakeem – Guest lecturer.
  • Ustadha Sabriyya Shaw – Guest lecturer.

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