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The Hafsa Quran Society is led by all Black Muslim women Quran teachers for Black Muslim women. We have created an online and in-person space to support Black Muslim Women on their Quranic recitation journey to sustain and develop more Black Muslim women to recite and teach Quran. Studies show that Black students who have Black teachers are more likely to succeed. Allah knows best. Anyone who is of African descent (bi-racial w/a Black background) from any country in the world may apply. The Quran Tutoring package doesn’t require an application and is open to all women in the community.

We have two pathways for devoted students that guides, motivates, and enables them to complete the recitation and/or memorization of the Quran with proper tajwid within a five years period. APPLY for our devoted student pathway. After you receive your acceptance letter use the link below to pay the registration fees. ***All Students are Welcomed!  Expert Tutor packages are open to female students of all ethnic backgrounds. Email us to check teacher availability. 

Email for questions, class availability, and access to our Hafsa Outreach whatsapp group.

All Registration Fees: Non-refundable, non-transferable. HQS is program under the non-profit organization Measured Tones Institute of Quran. ***DO NOT pay until you confirmed a time slot with your teacher.***

Visit our IG page @hafsaquransociety to keep up to date with our Quran virtual and in-person events. We are at your service and pray to Allah swt that you gain great benefit. Tawfiq(spiritual success) and Afiya (wellbeing).