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Trace Quran Challenge


Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmahtullah,

Hafsa Quran Society Team would like to thank you for participating in the Trace/Write the Quran Challenge. Use the form below to upload a copy of ALL your traced or handwritten pages of the current Juz to earn your certificate. May Allah accept all of our efforts. Tawfiq, taysir, and afiyah.

  • Juz 30 due August 20th, 12 pm EST
  • Juz 29 due September 20th, 12 pm EST
  • Juz 28 due October 20th, 12 pm EST
  • Juz 27 due November 20th, 12 pm EST
  • Juz 26th due December 20th, 12 pm EST

We appreciate all your efforts and dedication to the Quran al Kareem. We appreciate your support and prayers. Barakah Allahu feek.

Trace Quran Submission

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